6 Week Transformation Programme



Dear friend,

Congratulations for taking an incredible step towards your personal growth and creating a happier and healthier you.

We can’t tell you how excited we are to be moving forward on this journey together as we rewrite the memories of the past, conquer the beliefs that keep you chained where you are, and create a compelling future that you can accelerate towards.

This time, you’re going to win. This time you have the right strategy, and this time you have support like you have never known. You won’t be let down. Let’s create positive a transformation!

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The AnxietyFree Clinic Team 

What’s included in my Anxiety Breakthrough?

The Anxiety Breakthrough

6 Week Premium Hypnotherapy Programme
£ 1495
  • 6x Online 1:1 Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Unlimited Email Access With 24/7 Support
  • 6x Superconscious Hypnosis Tracks
  • 1x Relaxation Hypnosis Track
  • Sleep Mastery Guide
  • Anxiety Elimination Guide
  • The Zen Body Guide
  • Breathe Away Stress Guide
  • Aftercare Support Package*

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"Immediate Results"

“Off My Medication!”

“I Feel Confident”

“Really Helpful”

“I Saw Other Therapists”

“It’s SO Weird”

“Highly Recommended…”

“Life Changing…”

“If I Could Give 10 Stars, I Would…”

“Excellent Service…”

“I Got A Lot More Than I Bargained For…”

“Never Makes You Feel Judged…”

Science Of Becoming AnxietyFree

In a world with thousands of hypnotherapists, we’re not your typical clinic.

We stand at the forefront of innovation in hypnotherapy. Our secret weapon? A clinically tested and proprietary hypnosis technique that’s rewriting the narrative on rapid, effective results.

In a groundbreaking July 2023 study, our unique method showcased extraordinary changes in the brain in just 15 minutes. Yes, you read that right—15 minutes to a transformed mind! Imagine the possibilities when fatigue and lethargy diminish, and your brain’s capacity for sound decision-making skyrockets.

Our proprietary technique has been rigorously tested, evaluated, and proven to deliver results that set us apart from the rest. Why settle for ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary?

Our method allows you to react authentically to the present moment without the irrational noise of the past of future, making it the ideal state to reduce if not eliminate negative thoughts.

The Brainworks Neurofeedback Institute’s technical director affirms, This process produces less chatter, less internal dialogue, and more ability to be present.”…

“This process produces less chatter, less internal dialogue, and more ability to be present, and with THIS presence, you can be reacting off of what you’re actually witnessing without the baggage of the past. You’re always going to be better with what is.”

James Roy – Technical Director Of Brainwork Institute London 

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